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Another school year...

He didn't walk down a gravel road to go to school. We'd moved from Charlotte and lived in Manhattan, so he walked a few blocks to school along with other neighborhood kids. But, every August I'd sweat bullets because I didn't remember where I'd "safely" stashed his immunization card. Yes, I was that disorganized, distracted single mother and this was pre-personal computer/phone/Internet.

Ultimately, with moves and years, that precious yellow record of his immunizations was lost. I know he received all his shots, I just have no idea of how to re-construct those records.

This was an inspiration for creating Shotz Sheet. It's common now to be able to log into a patient portal to see a history of that practice. But, many of us have records in multiple patient portals that don't talk to each other. Consequently, each is an incomplete picture of your health history.

When we change doctors. we get new patient portals and we start all over again. Yes, you can request your former doctor send your records to the new practice. That's guaranteed by HIPAA. But, unless you are very specific about exactly what records to transfer, you may get incomplete records. They may also be paper (because practices can charge you for paper copies but not electronic). You may be told you are required to physically pick up the copies and sign for them. You may be too late because records are usually only maintained for one to two years, on average, before being deleted. So, no, your kid's college health clinic does not have those records anymore.

In other words, as the CDC recommends -

Accurate, up-to-date personal records are essential. Good record-keeping begins with good record-taking.

That's why I created Shotz Sheet so you can always know exactly where those immunization records are and easily access them anytime, anywhere.

Get your Shotz Sheet today!

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