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How a Chicago Woman Fell Victim to Candida Auris, a Drug-Resistant Fungus


The mysterious infection has appeared at hospitals around the world, but few institutions or families have discussed their experience.







A petri dish of cultured Candida auris, right. When Ms. Spoor’s infection didn’t respond to antifungal medications, she was told to get her affairs in order.

CreditCenters for Disease Control and Prevention

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I was writing the following as a comment to this article that had already received 445 comments when the NY Times closed it to comments. Here is the full article to read. You should be outraged well before you finish.


What is happening in trusted medical institutions is equivalent to a five-alarm fire that no number of firemen and equipment can save because the people charged with reporting a fire refused to make the call. There is a massive cover-up regarding this lethal fungus.

It is outrageous and disgusting that medical institutions and professionals, all of whom are sworn, first of all, to do no harm are participating in this cover-up.

It is also a call to even more strongly and vigilantly advocate for oneself and family members 24/7. It's so easy to let down our guard because we have been programmed to place implicit trust in our professional medical caregivers.

But, they don't always change gowns between patient procedures, wash their hands, use proper technique in handling disposable equipment, cleaning equipment, cleaning the rooms.

Believe they will perform their job duties at the highest level but maintain a level of positive skepticism.

Ask questions.

Get straight answers.

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