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The big day has arrived!

Shotz has launched!

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I'm very excited to announce that Shotz is finally live. I hope you agree that Shotz Sheet and Shotz Alerts fill a gap in personal health data management.

For about the cost of one Venti Frappuccino plus tip, Shotz Sheet provides an simple way to manage and track immunization records. You may not know just how important this is until you need that information.

With a Shotz Alerts subscription, less that $1 per month, you'll receive timely, critical updates on travel advisories, health alerts, and product recalls that can cause serious illness.

Please drop me an email to let me know what's on your mind. What else should we be thinking about building? How can we improve on what we already have? Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are more than welcome, they are encouraged!

Keep being awesome!

Lydia Sugarman

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